Quality Assurance


Any applicator must follow a 3 STEP PROGRAM to ensure quality, adhesion and finish. ALL 3 STEPS are of equal importance!

Surface preparation is very important with any process. On an exterior application we power wash with 3,000 P.S.I. hot water and cleaning solutions as a minimum. Sanding or etching exterior metal is not required if the surface has had outside exposure for 2 or more years. The surface will have etched naturally due to elements in the environment. Power washing is usually sufficient.

Quality Assurance from Control Painting      Quality Assurance from Control Painting

Priming has excellent adhesion to metal surfaces and is an excellent base for the topcoats. We only apply primers of the highest quality.

Painting is our final step. Our paints are of the highest quality with respect to adhesion and gloss retention.

Final appearance and adhesion can vary greatly due to preparation, paint equipment, applicator and quality of products. Control Painting is very particular on preparation plus we use only the highest quality equipment and materials in our application.

In summary we would suggest that you establish your criteria for applications, quality, desired appearance and budgets. Once this has been defined, create a set of specifications that all potential suppliers will have to follow. This will allow you to compare true value on any given project.